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View Resource Life in Extreme Environments: The Universe May Be More Habitable Than We Thought, Part 1

This article explores microbial life in extreme environments by summarizing the requirements for Life as we know it, such as chemistry, water, and oxygen. It also introduces extremophiles and lists the environmental parameters of Life, briefly discussing life in dry environments. This is the first section of a two-part article. A link is provided to Part 2, which includes extreme environments...

View Resource Life in Extreme Environments: The Universe May Be More Habitable Than We Thought, Part 2

This article explores microbial life in extreme environments associated with salinity, acidity, alkalinity, high temperature, low temperature, radiation, gravity, and pressure. It also introduces the role of extremophiles in astrobiology followed by brief descriptions of Mars, the moons of Jupiter, and Panspermia. This is the second part of a two-part article. A link is directed to part one,...

View Resource Anaerobranca californiensis sp. nov., An Anaerobic, Alkalithermophilic, Fermentative Bacterium Isolated From a Hot Spring on Mono Lake

This journal article reports the isolation of a novel, obligately anaerobic, alkaliphilic, thermophilic, halotolerant, chemo-organotrophic bacterium from the sediment of an alkaline hot spring located on Paoha Island in Mono Lake, California. The methods of isolation and description of this novel bacterium, Anaerobranca californiensis sp. nov., are included. The full text of this article...

View Resource Alkaliphilic Micro-Organisms and Habitats

This review article summarizes the current status of the biodiversity of alkaliphilic microorganisms in various environments and outlines aspects of their biotechnological potential. The article distinguishes thalassohaline versus athalassohaline hypersaline environments, high calcium versus low calcium (soda lakes and deserts) alkaline environments, and alkalophilic versus alkalitolerant...

View Resource Superbug Survival is Basic

This on-line news article investigates the question: Can microbial life thrive in the caustic conditions common to floor strippers and baking soda? It reports samples near a landfill in south Chicago that reveal alkaline solutions are basic to certain bacterial superbugs. The article explores the habitat, genetic analysis, and close relatives of these microbial wonders while also conveying that...

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