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View Resource True-False Quizzes for Finite Mathematics and Applied Calculus (2nd Ed.)

Created by Steven R. Costenoble and Stefan Waner or Hofstra University, this site contains ninteen true/false quizzes that cover topics such as: sets, counting, probability, random variables ,statistics, Markov systems, and game theory. The computer automatically tallies the number of correct and incorrect responses. This is a nice resource for an instructor of either a statistics or calculus...

View Resource Markov Chains

Created by Kyle Siegrist of the University of Alabama-Huntsville, this is an online, interactive lesson on Markov chains. The author provides examples, exercises, and applets to introduce the subject. More specifically, the lesson covers: recurrence, transience, periodicity, time reversal, as well as invariant and limiting distributions. In addition, the author has provided links to external...

View Resource Renewal Processes

Created by Kyle Siegrist of the University of Alabama-Huntsville, this is an online, interactive lesson on the renewal processes. The resource provides examples, exercises, and applets which include renewal equations and renewal limit theorems. This is the fifteenth of seventeen different statistics lessons presented by Siegrist. This site is broken up much like an online textbook. Each lesson is...

View Resource Markov Chains

Created by Lewis Blake for the Connected Curriculum Project, the purposes of this module are to introduce the concepts of transition matrices and Markov chains; to provide motivation for the definition of matrix multiplication in the context of an interesting application; and to lay the groundwork for applied problems that can be solved later with eigenvalues and eigenvectors. This is part of a...

View Resource Statistical Reference Datasets: Archives

The datasets on this page are classified by analysis techniqueand by level of difficulty (lower, average, higher). They were originally intended to test statistical software. The sets cover these topics: ANOVA, linear regression, Markov Chain Monte Carlo, nonlinear regression, and univariate summary statistics. This is a nice collection as it not only contains raw data but also helps explain the...

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