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View Resource Resampling Probability Estimates for the Difference Between the Means of Two Independent Samples

This website, created Richard Lowry of Vassar College, allows the user to provide two independent samples of sizes n_a and n_b, this page will estimate the significance of the difference between the means of the samples, based on multiple random re-sortings of the values that have been entered for samples A and B. As the page opens, you will be prompted for the sizes of the two samples.

View Resource Statistical Applets: One Variable Statistical Calculator

This applet graphs histograms and stemplots. It additionally calculates measures of center and measures of spread for data sets from the text "Practice of Business Statistics." There are ten stock sets of data. These are very useful for education purposes as students can practice on each one of these data sets. It is also possible for users to import their own data sets from Excel of Access ...

View Resource Tables for Probability Distributions (Engineering Statistics Handbook)

Created by Alan Heckert and James Filliben, this lesson, part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Engineering Statistics handbook, contains links to web pages which have tables of values for various distributions. More specifically, these distributions consist of: the cumulative distribution function for the standard normal distribution, upper critical values of the...

View Resource Java Applets for Power and Sample Size

This collection of free, interactive Java applets provides a graphical interface for studying the power of the most commonly encountered experimental designs. Intended to be useful in planning statistical studies, these applets cover confidence intervals for means or proportions, one and two sample hypothesis tests for means or proportions, linear regression, balanced ANOVA designs, and tests of...

View Resource Probability Distributions

This page, created by Virginia Tech's Department of Statistics, provides users with a myriad of different applets presenting different probability distributions. Some of these include: binomial, Poisson, negative binomial, geometric, t, chi-squared, gamma, Weibull, log-normal, beta and f distributions. Each applet is presented with an explanation of its use and also an example. Featuring eleven...

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