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View Resource HyperStat Online Textbook

This resource contains a broad range of information concerning statistics. It is divided up into eighteen chapters and also includes links to other resources pertaining to statistics. Some of these chapters include: introduction to statistics, describing univariate data, describing bivariate data, introduction to probability, normal distribution, sampling distribution, point estimation,...

View Resource Statistical Thinking for Managerial Decision Making

This Web site is a course in statistics appreciation; i.e., acquiring a feeling for the statistical way of thinking. It is an introductory course in statistics that is designed to provide you with the basic concepts and methods of statistical analysis for decision making under uncertainties. Materials in this Web site are tailored to meet your needs in making good decisions by fostering...

View Resource Estimating the Population Value of rho on the Basis of Several Observed Sample Values of r

This page will perform the procedure for up to k=12 sample values of r, with a minimum of k=2. It will also perform a chi-square test for the homogeneity of the k values of r, with df=k-1. The several values of r can be regarded as coming from the same population only if the observed chi-square value proves the be non-significant.

View Resource Chi Square

This resource, created by author David M. Lane, defines and explains Chi square. It takes the user through 5 different categories: testing differences between p and pi, more than two categories, chi-square test of independence, reporting results, exercises. This basic resource provides students with a much greater understanding of this testing process. Overall, it would be good for any...

View Resource Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Test

This site, created by the Department of Statistics at Yale University, gives an explanation, a definition and an example of chi-square goodness of fit test. Topics include chi-square test statistics, tests for discrete and continuous distributions. Overall, this is a great resource for any mathematics classroom studying statistics.

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