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View Resource Protein Purification Simulation

The Protein Purification Lab is a interactive computer simulation of protein purification. This program is extremely helpful for beginners in the art of protein purification. It gives students a chance to get beyond the details of individual techniques and get a sense of the overall process of a protein purification strategy. Users try their hand at purifying a particular enzyme (1-20) while...

View Resource National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

What's the best way to teach young people about geometry? Or general data analysis? The National Council of Teachers of of Mathematics (NCTM) has a few ideas on the subject and they have brought them together in the Core Math Tools Suite. This downloadable suite of interactive software tools for algebra, geometry, statistics, and related topics can be used in a range of educational settings. The...

View Resource Find a Fuel Game

An educational game where students choose vehicles with different propulsion systems and learn about the differences between these systems. To progress in the game, students must capture the fuel type for the propulsion system of the vehicle they chose. Propulsion systems and fuel types include the internal combustion engine (gasoline),  flex-fuel ethanol (E85), hybrid electric (gasoline and ele...

View Resource Molecular Workbench

Created by the Concord Consortium, the Molecular Workbench is "a modeling tool for designing and conducting computational experiments across science." First-time visitors can check out one of the Featured Simulations to get started. The homepage contains a number of curriculum modules which deal with chemical bonding, semiconductors, and diffusion. Visitors can learn how to create their own...

View Resource Shodor Educational Foundation: A National Resource for Computational Science Education

There are many curriculum materials, professional development, and student enrichment activities available in this website. These resources are designed for teachers and students ranging from K-12 through higher education. Most resources are interactive and engage the students on many different levels; the website lists their mission statement for interactivity as: "the creation, collection,...

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