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View Resource Logarithms and the Richter Scale

This lesson involves using logarithms as used in the Richter Scale, which identifies the magnitude of earthquakes. The connection between basic exponential and logarithmic functions is emphasized. The activity includes assessment questions for students.

View Resource Extra Housepayments Effect

How financial institutions use the monthly mortgage payment and mortgage amortization formulas can be a confusing concept to grasp. This lesson asks students to find a current interest mortgage rate for their city and state. This rate is then applied to an Internet based mortgage calculator to discover the effect that paying extra on a monthly house payment has on total interest paid and length...

View Resource Monthly Mortgage Payment

This lesson helps students to understand how home mortgages work. They will learn to substitute values into an algebraic formula using order of operations, interpret interest rates for home mortgages, navigate a real estate website to find a home in a desired city and calculate monthly mortgage payments for different terms. A student worksheet for this lesson can be downloaded here

View Resource Logarithms and Car Payments

This algebra lesson helps students connect how logarithms work to the real world example of financing a car. Students will use a formula to calculate the number of months it will take them to pay off a car loan based on the amount of the loan, the amount of the monthly car payment, and an interest rate which they will get from an internet resource. The student worksheet for this lesson may be...

View Resource Population Explosion Using an Exponential Function

This intermediate algebra lesson has students use data from the U.S. Census Bureau's website to explore population growth and exponential functions. The learning object demonstrates how these mathematical functions can be used in a real world situation. Student materials, which include a continuous change model worksheet and a constant rate growth model worksheet, can be found here (the fourth...

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