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View Resource Latest Earthquakes in the USA: Past 7 Days

This set of lists and maps provides information on the latest earthquakes for the 50 states and Puerto Rico. The lists are organized by date and time, and by magnitude. On the interactive maps, symbols are coded by size (larger symbols mean greater magnitude) and by color (last hour, last day, last week). Clicking on individual map symbols links to detailed maps and written information for the...

View Resource Earthquake Probability Map for San Francisco Bay Area

This map displays earthquake probabilities for several faults in the San Francisco Bay Area. The probability values are for the occurrence of one or more major (magnitude greater than or equal to 6.7) earthquakes in the San Francisco Bay Region during the next thirty years. Each fault on the map is color-coded to indicate the relative probability, and numerical values are displayed in boxes. The...

View Resource ShakeMaps

ShakeMaps, a product of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Earthquake Hazards Program, are near-real-time maps of ground motion and shaking intensity that are produced following significant earthquakes. They appear as a set of links keyed to areas which have recently experienced an earthquake. The maps display instrumental intensity (modified Mercalli scale), peak ground acceleration, and...

View Resource Earthquake Prediction

Earthquake prediction has never been an exact science or an easy job. In 1923, the debate between two Japanese seismologists, Akitune Imamura, and his superior at the University of Tokyo, Professor Omori, over whether a great earthquake was imminent, ended in tragedy as Omori prevailed and no preparations were made for the disaster. In this video segment, a contemporary seismologist tells the...

View Resource Earthquakes: San Francisco

The prediction of earthquakes may be inexact, but it is vital, especially when large cities such as San Francisco or Los Angeles are threatened. The San Andreas Fault and two other faults, the Heyward and Calaveras faults, all have the potential to deliver a massive earthquake to the San Francisco Bay area. In this video segment, a seismologist explains the historical pattern of seismic activity...

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