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View Resource Seismic Refraction

An animated Powerpoint presentation for seismic refraction geophysics used on a simple two-layer system (soil over rock). Compression wave measurements used to determine depth to horizontal bedrock surface.

View Resource Indiana Geological Survey

Contains wide range of information on geological topics, focusing on the state of Indiana. Includes visual dictionary, access to interactive and static maps, and geospatial data downloading. Along with the extensive information being provided about Indiana's geologic makeup, the site also offers educational materials to students and teachers alike. This makes the page a great resource for any...

View Resource Clocks In the Rocks

Provides information for college and graduate level on radioactive decay processes and radioactive dating. Gives key concepts and an index to hyperphysics and nuclear topics. Along with hyperphysics and nuclear topics, the site also provides information pertaining to: uranium-lead dating, the potassium-argon method, rubidium-strontium, rubidium-strontium, and the age of the earth.

View Resource How Do We know About Layers Deep Within the Earth?

This site, part of Exploring Earth Investigation by McDougal Littell and TERC, examines what (and how) we know about the Earth's layers. The investigations "were designed to build students' knowledge of Earth Science concepts?and to raise student awareness of Earth as a system of interconnected components and processes." Here, visitors can find lessons on how scientists have learned about the i...

View Resource Plate Tectonics

In this activity, presented by the Lane Community College MAPS GIS Program, students will learn the concept of a digital data viewer, and how this resource can help them learn more about plate tectonics. Students will learn terminology associated with both geology and computer aided GIS. The activity is presented as a PDF, and helps the student learn by presenting a series of easy to follow...

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