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View Resource Surface Chemistry at Michigan

This site from the University of Michigan provides links to in-depth discussions and informational images of the research projects of its four surface chemistry research groups. Visitors to the site can find slide show presentations of the group's work, lists of its publications, and information on the individual researchers' education and work.

View Resource Chalmers University of Technology: Department of Applied Surface Chemistry

Surface chemistry is an interdisciplinary science, with a strong emphasis on applied research. Chalmers University of Technology has a strong Applied Surface Chemistry department. Their research activities span a wide range of topics such as, surfactants and microemulsions, environmental catalysis, fuels engineering, and metal working chemistry. Students and teachers can access basic information...

View Resource Mineral Surface Photoelectrochemistry to Reduce Inorganic Carbon and Form the Prebiotic Soup

The Environmental Chemistry Group at Harvard University illustrates its research utilizing mineral surface photoelectrochemistry to shed light on the beginnings of life. Visitors can find links to additional information about the main members of the group and can download published and submitted papers.

View Resource Physical Chemistry Animation Index

This collection of animations, intended for a physical chemistry course, covers thermodynamics, the physical transformation of substances (such as dissolution), phase diagrams and the behavior of matter in various states.

View Resource U.S. Naval Research Lab: Surface Chemistry Branch

This site from the Surface Chemistry Branch of the US Naval Research Lab describes its surface chemistry research interests, facilities, and its strengths. Some of their main research areas are focused on the following topics: advanced electrochemical materials, gas surface dynamics, energetic interactions, tribology, surface nanoscience and sensor technology. Individuals can find lists of the...

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