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View Resource The Natures of the Stars

This site, created by author James B. Kaler of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, gives information relating to stars such as their brightness and distance, their mass, their birth and death, and supernovas. There are many more issues that are touched on in this website. There are also links to other websites where more information can be found.

View Resource Spectral Types

This website, containing information from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, provides projects and activities for advanced astronomy students. In this section students find the wavelengths emitted by electron transitions between energy levels in various elements. They will also learn about how astronomers classify stars according to the spectral star sequence: O B A F G K M. There also contains a...

View Resource Stellar Properties

Authored by Nick Strobel, "Astronomy Notes" is an educational resource for introductory astronomy classes for undergraduates. This section discusses the properties of stars. such as apparent magnitude, absolute magnitude, luminosity, color, temperature, stellar velocities, compositions, and sizes. Other topics included are descriptions of parallax, redshift, blueshift, center of mass, and the...

View Resource Sloan Digital Sky Survey - Color

This project, authored by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), shows the user the importance of a color-color diagram, which allows to identify a star as a thermal source or not. First it establishes a theoretical foundation by explaining the magnitude system, defining color, black body radiation and the nature of light. Using the SDSS data, the user can obtain star properties and plot a...

View Resource The Meaning of Color in Hubble Images

This web site contains information on the use of different wavelength filters to determine astronomical information by the Hubbble Space Telescope. The use of color to enhance black and white images is included. The site also contains several series of images at different wavelengths to illustrate the presentation.

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