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View Resource Phases of Venus

This simple animation illustrates how we observe the phases of Venus. As the planet revolves around the Sun, there are times of the year when it is observed completely lit up by the star and times when we only get it's dark side. The user can change the inclination of the observing plane, allowing a better understanding of the process.

View Resource GeoAstro Applet Collection

Authored by Jurgen Geisen, this site has more than sixty-five Java applets. The interactive resources provide detailed solar and lunar data and the daily and annual path of the sun and moon for any location. More specifically, the collection has fourteen applets concerning the moon, and another twelve which solely describe sundials. Six other resources focus on topics such as: the Venus transit...

View Resource Windows to the Universe: Venus

This site, a joint effort between the University of Michigan and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), focuses on the planet Venus. Some of the topics discussed include: the atmosphere, interior, and surface of Venus, recent discoveries, missions to Venus, and myths. The activities are easily sorted in beginning, intermediate and advanced lessons. There are also many...

View Resource Chasing Venus

Periodically the planet Venus passes directly between Earth and the Sun, appearing as a small black dot on the Sun's disk. Since astronomers first became aware of them in 1631, these "transits of Venus" have fascinated astronomers because of their rarity and their potential to help scientists measure the solar system. The expeditions that set out to observe transits from remote locations paved...

View Resource Deriving Solar System Dimensions Using the 2004 Transit of Venus

Authored and curated by David P. Stern, this series of three web pages gives information about the usage of the transit of Venus to measure distances in the solar system. The site also contains a large collection of links related to the Venus transit, a math refresher, and a photo archive of the transit. It is part of the extensive web site "From Stargazers to Starships", which uses space...

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