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View Resource Explore the Moon

The Moon is probably not humankind's final frontier. However, more than 30 years after the completion of the last lunar mission, the Apollo landings still stand out as six of the most ambitious and heroic voyages in exploration history. This interactive feature provides panoramic views of each of the six Apollo landing sites and offers a hint of what astronauts faced on the surface of the Moon....

View Resource Galileo: Discovering Jupiter's Moons

Galileo pioneered astronomy as the first person to study the celestial objects through a telescope. His observations, including the discovery of moons around Jupiter, helped revolutionize the way people thought about the universe. This video segment describes some of Galileo's first discoveries with the telescope. The segment is three minutes four seconds in length. A background essay and...

View Resource Moon Calendar

This web application shows the phases of the Moon for each day of a selected month from any given latitude and longitude. The calendar can be set from 3999 BC to 3999 AD. Each day can be looked at individually, or can be animated to go through the phases. Other information includes the distance to the Moon, time of Moonrise and Moonset, and the distance to the Sun with sunrise and sunset times.

View Resource Extreme Temperatures on the Moon

Although the airless Moon experiences no weather analogous to terrestrial weather, conditions there are nothing short of extreme. This video segment recounts some of the experiences Apollo 16 astronauts had as they explored the lunar surface, particularly extremes of heat and cold occurring in sunlit and shady areas. The segment is three minutes eleven seconds in length. A background essay and...

View Resource Phases of the Moon

This site contains a series of visualizations of the sun, moon and Earth System and how they relate to the changing face of the moon. Animations are in the form of Java applets, forms for field observation of the moon, and a collection of exercises and PDF versions of background material. There are practice questions and quizzes that discuss the animations.

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