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View Resource Space.com

This site is a collection of recent news articles on astronomy topics. Topics include, space flight, technology, SETI, and more. The site includes multimedia resources, image galleries, tech news and a link to Space.com's Twitter feed.

View Resource Introductory Astronomy Materials

The material on this website may be used as supplemental materials for students taking an introductory astronomy course. There is information on topics such as stellar evolution, the planets, the milky way, and much more. Each section includes a practice exam. This website may also be used as supplementary material for teachers teaching an introductory astronomy course.

View Resource Logarithmic Maps of the Universe

Teachers can use this website to teach students about this recently revised map of the universe which illustrates recent discoveries, ranging from Kuiper belt objects in the Solar system, to the galaxies and quasars from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. This map projection, based on the logarithm map of the complex plane, preserves shapes locally, and yet is able to display the entire range of...

View Resource Universe! Forum

The Universe Forum is the national center for teaching and learning about the structure and evolution of the universe. Sponsored by NASA and based at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, the Forum uses the unique resources of NASA's space science research program to create exciting experiences for students, teachers, and the public. It contains featured resources, lesson plans and...

View Resource Anglo-Australian Observatory: Astronomical Images

These collection of images taken form the Anglo-Australian Observatory are organized according to object type, the telescope that took it, whether it was CCD imaging, or whether it was a new photographic image. The different types of objects on this website include: galaxies, emission nebulae, reflection nebulae, dark nebulae, planetary nebulae, supernovae, star clusters, unusual stars, star...

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