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View Resource Galileo: Sunspots

Galileo used his telescope to gather data about the heavens, and his observations and theories sparked much controversy. This video segment discusses Galileo's observations of sunspots, which challenged the current church doctrine that celestial objects were pristine and unblemished, and even demonstrated that the sun rotated. The segment is three minutes forty-two seconds in length. A background...

View Resource Telescopes from the Ground Up

This tutorial traces the history of the telescope, beginning with Galileo's first small refractor, to the era of orbiting space telescopes. Topics include Galileo's trouble with the church over the observations he made with his new instrument, Sir Isaac Newton's invention of the reflecting telescope, and the development of technologies that made it possible to construct increasingly larger, more...

View Resource The Equivalence Principle: True or False?

This site discusses the equivalence principle, which states that an acceleration effect (inertia) and a gravitational one (attraction between two gravitational masses) are equivalent. The site demonstrates an experiment that demonstrates its validity. Galileo and Einstein's contributions to the principle are also discussed.

View Resource Galileo: The Man and His Science- A Resource Guide

This resource guide on Galileo from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific provides a number of general books and articles, as well as websites and videos, for a variety of audiences (from children to adults). A list of references to Galileo in fictional work is also included.

View Resource Galileo: Sun-Centered System

Before the 17th century, people generally believed that Earth was at the center of the universe, a system originally developed by Ptolemy. Galileo, however, was not afraid to challenge existing beliefs when he published his work in support of the Sun-centered, or heliocentric, theory developed by Copernicus. This video segment describes the two opposing worldviews and Galileo's observation that...

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