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View Resource Learning Modules for an Electronics Curriculum

This site features twenty-four interactive learning modules and fifteen pilot modules offering educational technologies on electronics. All online modules run as Shockwave videos in a browser environment and a utilization guide is provided. The circuits signals and systems communications CCLI Modules available on this site include: Generic Voltage Divider, Caps and Inductors, Circuit Solver,...

View Resource Double Slit Diffraction

This resource illustrates the interference patterns for diffraction through double slits. A series of sources, electrons, protons, neutrons, photons, and pions, can be chosen for the virtual experiment. The energy of the source, the slit separation, and the flux rate can all be adjusted. The diffraction patterns are built from random flashes on a screen. The screens can be saved for comparison...

View Resource Energy Diagram Explorer

This resource illustrates classical energy diagrams for 1D motion. It simulates an experiment where the energy of a cart with a magnet can be changed by putting magnets along a track. The resultant potential and kinetic energy are shown, along with the motion of the cart. The positions and polarities of the track magnets, and the position, total energy, mass, and friction of the cart can all...

View Resource Energy Band Creator

This resource shows the energy states for single or multiple square-well systems, modeling the properties of a periodic solid. The number of wells, and their depth, width, and spacing can all be changed. Additionally, impurity wells with different parameters can be added. Bound state energies of both the normal well states and impurity states are calculated and displayed.

View Resource Wave Packet Explorer

This resource illustrates the construction of wave packet states from the superposition of plane waves. The user can add together different amplitudes of waves in either momentum or frequency space. The results, both the composite wavefunction and all of the components, are shown in real space. Different results can be saved for comparison.

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