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View Resource The Price of a Mercury Mine

This radio broadcast discusses the health problems associated with the town of Idrija, Slovenia, which was a center for mercury mining for about 500 years. A Slovenian chemist and expert in mercury points out that the citizens of Idrija, proud of their industrial heritage, are reluctant to connect the health problems they experience with exposure to mercury. The clip is 2 minutes in length and is...

View Resource An Evolving Climate Picture

This radio broadcast discusses how scientists' views of global warming have changed since the subject first emerged some 20 years ago. Topics include the nature of the warming process, once thought to be a gradual ratcheting-up, but now considered to be more unpredictable; the development of more powerful computers and more sophisticated modeling programs; the complex nature of the atmosphere,...

View Resource Gas Pressure

This radio broadcast discusses the boom in natural gas drilling in the Rocky Mountain region and is possible impacts on the environment. A resource advocate points out the issue of well density, which can range from four wells per square mile to sixteen, 32, or more, and results in fragmentation of habitat as well as an ugly industrial appearance. The clip is 2 minutes in length and is available...

View Resource Toxic Gold Rush

This radio broadcast outlines the recent upsurge in gold mining, particularly small-scale operations, and the resulting problem of mercury pollution. A brief introduction to the use of mercury to separate gold is presented, and a United Nations technical adviser discusses the health effects, which are especially serious for poor people in small countries. The clip is 2 minutes in length and may...

View Resource Seismic Signals

This radio broadcast features a researcher who noticed unusual behavior in elephants while working in a national park in Namibia. Groups of elephants sometimes stood perfectly still, as if trying to pick up faint vibrations in the ground through their feet. This resembled behavior that the researcher, an entomologist, had observed in certain insects as they communicated. The clip is 2 minutes in...

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