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View Resource PhET: Quantum Tunneling

This webpage contains an interactive simulation that allows students to explore tunneling of wave packets and plane waves through potential barriers, steps, and flat potentials. Time-dependent probability densities and wave functions can be shown using a variety of representations. The size and shape of the barriers can be adjusted either graphically or numerically. Options for the scattering...

View Resource 2-D Electrostatics Applet

This java applet illustrates electrostatic fields and potentials and static current distributions in two dimensions. It offers a broad range of interactive simulations, from simple single and double charges to highly complex dielectrics and currents. The user can charges, conductors, and dielectrics to the simulation. Explanations provide help for running the simulation and something about the...

View Resource Open Source Physics: Quantum Spins

OSP Spins is an interactive computer program that simulates Stern-Gerlach-type measurements on spin-1/2 and spin-1 particles. This package provides the user with a sequence of tutorials and exercises to help them explore the physics of quantum spin. Fundamental issues such as incompatible observables, eigenstate expansions, interference, and quantum dynamics are included.

View Resource Free Body Diagrams

This website from the University of Guelph's physics department offers a tutorial on free body diagrams. The tutorial includes an explanation of what free body diagrams are, example problems, a self-test, and a free body diagram java applet.

View Resource Wave Superposition

This applet shows the concept of superposition of waves. Two waves with the same amplitude and wavelength move in opposite directions and their sum is shown. Users may turn the interactive applet on and off.

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