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View Resource Magnetic Globe Lithograph

This activity demonstrates what a dipole magnetic field looks like in 3D. It was developed because the commonly used classroom demo (iron filings on a sheet of paper on top of a bar magnet) leads to student misconception that magnetic fields are two-dimensional. The reverse side of the litho features an artist-s conception of a gamma-ray image of a supernova.

View Resource Buried Water Ice on Mars

In 2001, the Mars Odyssey spacecraft discovered significant amounts of water ice buried in the high latitude regions of Mars. This exciting discovery, based upon data from the Mars Gamma Ray Spectrometer, helped motivate the development of the Mars Phoenix Lander mission, which will arrive in the Martian arctic in 2008 to investigate this buried water ice. The product includes five classroom...

View Resource TIMED Spacecraft Mobile

Students will enhance their knowledge of NASA spacecraft and scientific facts as they assemble this colorful mobile. Each element of the mobile contains an image and one fact or scientific concept. The cover contains background information about NASA-s TIMED mission, and two language arts exercises to reinforce space science vocabulary. This

View Resource What is Your Cosmic Connection to the Elements?

This Web site is an on-line version of a poster and educator guide describing the cosmic origin of the chemical elements. The poster illustrates our connection to the chemical elements and their origins. The educator guide describes the different processes responsible for the elements, and gives eight standards-based activities. The Website also includes additional activities and a Powerpoint...

View Resource Taking Measure of the Universe

This poster with classroom activities is related to NASA's Space Interferometry Mission. It introduces measurement and scale using hands-on activities. It includes in-class activities that can be demonstrated using simple everyday items.

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