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View Resource Frequently Asked Questions about Today's Cryptography

Many common questions about cryptography are answered in this May 2000 handbook by RSA Security, Inc. The contents include a basic introduction to cryptography, tools, applications, problems, cryptoanalysis, techniques, real world uses of cryptography, and legal issues. There is also some discussion of mathematical concepts involved and suggestions for further reading.

View Resource Cloud Seeding Frequently Asked Questions

This site is provided by North American Weather Consultants, Inc. The site briefly answers questions such as "when did application of modern cloud seeding technology begin?," "Is cloud seeding effective?," and "Do the commonly used seeding materials pose any direct health or environmental risks?"

View Resource Quantum Cryptography in Norway

This page describes a research project in quantum cryptography from the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. In addition to information about the project, several research papers, articles, presentations, and masters and doctoral theses are also offered. The project has undertaken research, all of which is described here, in...

View Resource Cloud Physics: The Basics

This website from the Oklahoma Weather Modification Program encourages students to initiate a debate on the controversy surrounding the issue of inducing or enhancing precipitation. The exercise describes the two basic tenets of cloud seeding: the Static Phase Hypothesis and the Dynamic Phase Hypothesis. Also provided are links to a weather and climate glossary and further information about...

View Resource Periodical Cicada Page

This site, from the University of Michigan's Museum of Zoology, provides a variety of short information entries about periodical cicadas including photos, and song clips. Information about cicada life cycles, broods and distribution, behavior, various species, and diseases and deformities can also be found here. For you "on the go types" who need basic information right now, there link to the...

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