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View Resource How Much Does This House Really Cost?

This word document introduces a lesson that helps students work out how much they would actually pay for a house with a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, with interest included, after 30 years. The material involves working out a real-world mathematical problem while helping students understand how long-term credit works. The lesson should require 45-60 minutes to require.

View Resource Measurement and Geocaching

Students may use this lesson to use geometry, trigonometry and GPS to locate a geocache in their area. With a handheld GPS device and the coordinates of the cache, geocachers attempt their own personal treasure hunt. This lesson has two possible strands, one where students create a data set, and one where students use a previously created data set. Student materials including student data sets...

View Resource Perplexing Parallelograms

This geometry lesson from Illuminations asks students to draw two line segments through a point on the diagonal of a parallelogram and parallel to the sides. Students will examine a geometric shape, analyze the patterns of the shape, and create conjectures, which they will then try to prove or disprove. The material is appropriate for grades 9-12 and should require 1 class period to complete.

View Resource Pedal Power

This algebra lesson from Illuminations involves slope as a rate of change. Distance-time graphs for three bicyclists climbing a mountain are compared and contrasted. The material will help students understand how to interpret a graph in the context of a real-world situation. Questions for students are also included. This lesson is intended for grades 9-12 and should require 1 class period to...

View Resource Linear Functions and Mathematical Modeling

This learning object allows students to create a basic x ? y scatter graph which can be used to find the linear correlation between the boiling point of water and altitude. The material allows students to analyze data and derive the linear equation for a data set. Student materials including an assignment handout, graph paper and a graphical analysis document, can be found here (third row, s...

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