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View Resource Desulfitobacterium Hafniense

Web page highlingts the microbe Desulfitobacterium. Thess microbes can anaerobicaly dehalogenate both aromatic and alkyl chlorinated compounds. Compounds including chlorinated phenols, chlorinated ethenes and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). There is also background on the genus Desulfitobacterium. In this site there are links to the JGI home page, BLAST, downloads, and annotation.

View Resource Why Owens Lake is Red!

This article explains the biological phenomena of reddish-colored salt lakes, such as Lake Owens, and playas. Applying colorful images and geological history, the author describes the processes by which astronomical numbers of microscopic, unicellular organisms living in the water and salt crust can cause the red coloration. Descriptions also include the ability of halophilic microbes to...

View Resource Extremophiles

This article introduces the reader to the diversity and significance of extremophiles. Descriptions are provided of the habitat and ecology of thermophiles, psychrophiles (cold lovers), acidophiles, alkaliphiles, and halophiles. The industrial and commercial applications of extremophiles, such as the use of thermophilic microbial enzymes in PCR technology, are also described. Finally, the...

View Resource Rhodobacter sphaeroides

Web site highlights the photosynthetic microbe Rhodobacter sphaeroides. This microbe is known to detoxify a number of metal oxides and oxyanions. The site also describes other aspects of research on the organism. There are links to the JGI home, BLAST, annotation, downloads and information.

View Resource Methylobium petroleophilum

This web page features the microbe Methylobium petroleophilum strain PM1 that can grow on and completely degrade the fuel additive MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether). The page gives some genomic information about the organism and literature references. On this page are inks to the JGI home page, downloads, info, annotation, and BAST.

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