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View Resource Anglo-Australian Observatory: Astronomical Images

These collection of images taken form the Anglo-Australian Observatory are organized according to object type, the telescope that took it, whether it was CCD imaging, or whether it was a new photographic image. The different types of objects on this website include: galaxies, emission nebulae, reflection nebulae, dark nebulae, planetary nebulae, supernovae, star clusters, unusual stars, star...

View Resource Stellar Evolution: The Life and Death of Our Luminous Neighbors

This site discusses the lives and deaths of stars. Topics include: the H-R diagram, the stages in the life of an evolving star, main sequence stars, stellar fusion, white dwarfs and black holes. Useful diagrams are included in the tutorial.

View Resource Determining Red-Shift in a Receding Star

This activity introduces students to the concepts of the redshift of a receding star. Students will learn about the properties of light, the Doppler effect, and also about Hubble's discovery of the expansion of the universe.

View Resource Timing An X-ray Pulsar

This activity asks students to analyze both the light curve from a pulsar in the crab nebula and the Fourier Transform of the light curve. From this students must find the period of the light intensity, determine the period of rotation of the object, and realize the object is a neutron star.

View Resource 'Magnetars', Soft Gamma Repeaters and Very Strong Magnetic Fields

This site describes soft gamma repeaters. The author, Robert C. Duncan of the University of Texas at Austin, explains how these strange, physically-extreme stars form, and why they emit steadily pulsating X-rays with sporadic, bright outbursts. The author also tells the story of their discovery and of the theoretical efforts which helped to reveal their bizarre nature. A version of the site is...

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