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View Resource Monster of the Milky Way

This NOVA television broadcast discusses black holes and presents new research indicating that a supermassive black hole may lurk at the center of our own galaxy. Features include interviews with researchers who explain the basics of black holes and reveal why they think the Milky Way may harbor a gigantic black hole at its center, and audio clips of physicists and astronomers describing their...

View Resource Monster Black Hole in Galaxy M84

Black holes are some of the strangest objects in the universe. While the physics of these objects is not understood, and they cannot be seen directly, indirect observations have revealed for certain that black holes do exist. This animation shows an artist's conception of what it might be like to see a super-massive black hole in the center of a spiral galaxy. A background essay and list of...

View Resource Mars Dead or Alive: Where to Land?

It is not easy to get to Mars. Dozens of past missions have failed, with only a handful even attempting to land on the planet's surface. However, in January 2004, careful planning paid off when the Mars Exploration Rover mission successfully landed two rovers, Spirit and Opportunity. This video segment, adapted from a NOVA television broadcast, describes the history of Mars exploration, the many...

View Resource Mars Dead or Alive: Mars Up Close

Since landing on Mars in January 2004, Spirit and Opportunity, the Mars Exploration Rovers, have helped scientists learn an amazing amount about the red planet. The sophisticated rovers far exceeded expectations with the geological clues they have dug up about the planet's past. In this video tour of the rover landing sites, the mission's principal science investigator, Steve Squyres, describes...

View Resource Mars Dead or Alive: Welcome to Mars

During the first of two landings in the Mars Exploration Rover mission, scientists and engineers were full of anticipation and anxiety the night that the rover 'Spirit' was due to land. Would the rover land safely and be able to complete its mission to find out about the geological history of the planet? This video segment shows the range of emotions experienced by NASA scientists and technicians...

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