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View Resource Bony Fishes

Sea World informational resource on bony fishes. Excellent introduction to bony fishes including information on their classification, habitat, physical characteristics, diet, reproduction, and much more. Includes photographs and illustrations throughout, and features a spreadsheet showing the different subclasses and the number of species found within each. Site also provides a comprehensive list...

View Resource Endangered Species

The Animal Information Database strives to provide an enthusiastic, imaginative, and intellectually stimulating atmosphere to help students reach their academic potential. The site features information on endangered species and various organizations and laws pursuing their protection. Includes list of acronyms, bibliography, index, and one classroom activity. External links to affiliates also...

View Resource Tox Town

Tox Town is a highly interactive website for students of all ages and levels to learn about pollution and other local problems. Because Tox Town includes information on four different settings, a city, a town, a farm, and the US-Mexico border, there is something for everyone. Each locale features links to the NIH's Medline Plus and the EPA which are excellent sources of information for most...

View Resource A Career Guide to Marine Mammal Training

This free, interactive and independent website has been conceived and designed by working marine mammal professionals to provide accurate, hard to find information and rare behind the scenes views and insights into the fascinating world of marine mammal care and training. The site includes career information, photos and videos, a fact vs fiction section, and extensive information on the...

View Resource Mars Dead or Alive: A Hostile Environment

Mars has intrigued people for centuries, in particular because of its potential for extraterrestrial life. Today, technology has advanced to the point that scientists can actually send robots such as those used in NASA's Mars Exploration Rover (MER) mission to study Mars. This video segment discusses the MER mission and why scientists are so interested in exploring the red planet. A background...

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