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View Resource Creating an Energy Level to Model LEDs

This resource, created by Dean Zollman of Kansas State University, discusses light emitting diodes and the role of energy (band) gaps. It also discusses the effects of impurities. The resource has contains information on construction of an LED, energy bands in an LED, effects of impurities, merging of the semiconductors and a conclusion. This resource is a part of the "Visual Quantum Mechanics...

View Resource Hydrogen Spectroscopy

Created by Dean Zollman of Kansas State University, this tutorial covers the topics of spectra and spectroscopy, focusing on the hydrogen atom. Questions are provided for students to explore the material, and interactive simulations are used for interactive investigations. A section devoted to the graphing of results is also included in the presentation. This resource is a part of the "Visual...

View Resource Double Slit Diffraction

This resource illustrates the interference patterns for diffraction through double slits. A series of sources, electrons, protons, neutrons, photons, and pions, can be chosen for the virtual experiment. The energy of the source, the slit separation, and the flux rate can all be adjusted. The diffraction patterns are built from random flashes on a screen. The screens can be saved for comparison...

View Resource Visual Quantum Mechanics

The Kansas State University Visual Quantum Mechanics project is developing instructional materials about quantum physics for high school and college students. Instructional units and/or courses are being created for high school and college non-science students, pre-medical and biology students, and science and engineering majors. Each set of the teaching-learning materials integrates interactive...

View Resource LED Constructor

This simulation illustrates the structure of a semiconductor Light Emitting Diode. Different diodes can be selected for illumination, with the doped semiconductors and energy bands displayed. The user can move energy bands and change the voltage across the diode.

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