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View Resource Wireless Communication

This quicktime animation examines the basics in wireless communication. Wireless communication has become pervasive in everyday life, providing convenience, piece of mind as well as emergency preparedness for its users through instant accessibility. The cell phone antenna is the link to the outside world. Designed to transmit as well as receive the RF signals, it efficiently couples the...

View Resource Semiconductor Laser Diode

This is a quicktime presentation of a semiconductor laser diode. Laser diodes come in a compact transistor-like package with two or more electrical leads. Inside the package is the tiny semiconductor chip, containing the laser cavity. The chip contains a stack of epitaxial layers with different doping and compositions that provide optical and electrical confinement. Flatband Diagram Energy band...

View Resource Photodiode

This Quicktime presentation explains the basics of the photodiode. Some concepts that are explained include the photodiode package, photodiode illumination, internal connections, photodiode chip, photon absorption and electron-hole pair generation.

View Resource Digital Light Projector

This is a Quicktime animation of a Digital Light Projector. A digital light projector provides the capability to display a video or computer monitor signal on a projection screen. Such a projector stands out by its small size, low weight and rather unique use of MEMS. The internal light path starts with a bright halogen source, which is guided through the color wheel, reflects off the MEMS chip...

View Resource Optoelectronic Transmitter & Receiver

This page from Bart Van Zeghbroeck of the University of Colorado at Boulder explains optoelectronic transmitters/receivers. Components of the concept which are explained include signal transmission, electrical signal propagation and transmitter circuits and boards.

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