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View Resource Unearthing Clues to Martian Fossils

This news article explains why scientists are looking to the tufa of Mono Lake, CA for hints of life on Mars. The article describes current conditions on Mars and suggests that it may have had a "friendlier" history including microbial life. The resource includes a 360-degree image of Mono Lake and an appendix speculating the history of water on Mars.

View Resource A New Form of Life

This news article introduces the discovery of a new extreme-loving microorganism, Spirochaeta americana, in California's exotic Mono Lake. It compares the geology of Mono Lake to the Gusev Crater on Mars and discusses the implications for finding organisms in extreme environments on Earth when speculating about life on other planets. It also offers a description of tufa formation and explains why...

View Resource The Goldilocks Zone

This on-line news article introduces the Goldilocks Zone, an area of space adequate for the survival of life. Initially believed to be a remarkably small region of space that didn't even include the whole Earth, recent discoveries of extremophiles found thriving in unlikely habitats are convincing scientists to change their definition. Scientists Elena Pikuta and Richard Hoover are highlighted...

View Resource Spaceweather.com

Sponsored by Science@NASA and created by Dr. Tony Phillips, Spaceweather.com offers fascinating "news and information about the Sun-Earth environment." Visitors can find out the current space weather conditions such as the solar wind, interplanetary magnetic field, and x-ray solar flares. The website offers the latest data on near-Earth asteroids and NOAA forecasts of the probability for solar...

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