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View Resource Process Logic Control Using RoboLego

This document contains instructions for teaching students about process logic control using RoboLegos. The activity was presented by Mary Jane Kurtz and Crystal Auger at the BIOMAN Conference in July 2006. The objectives, materials, and detailed procedures are listed for three separate activities: Fan, Touch Sensor, and Temperature.

View Resource Biotechnology Curriculum Freshman Exploratory: Electrophoresis

Gel electrophoresis is used in many areas of biotechnology and forensics. It is based on the concept that mixtures of substances can be separated by electrical force. The direction and speed of migration through the field is dependent on several factors. All substances are made of molecules that can be positively charged, negatively charged or neutral. These characteristics can be used to...

View Resource Biotechnology Curriculum Freshmen Year: pH

During this unit, students will be learning about the terms acid and base. Water is neutral and can be formed from equal amounts of acid and base. What makes a solution an acid? What makes it a base? How is this important to living things? Most living things exist in a pH around 7.0, which is neutral. If they are exposed to either basic or acidic solutions they will be injured or die. Students...

View Resource Biotechnology Curriculum Freshman Exploratory: Growing Bacteria

Bacteria are everywhere in the environment. To prove this in this activity, students will take samples of different surfaces around the classroom, and nearby places, as well as their own fingers. To detect bacteria, students will need to provide food for them to grow on. Students will be using the nutrient agar plates that have already been prepared. This lesson plan document may be downloaded...

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