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View Resource Chemistry Tutorials

Getting students ready for college-level chemistry courses is no easy task. Fortunately, Washington University teamed up with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to create this online tutorial for persons seeking to do just that. The tutorials here offer reviews of introductory topics within the field of general chemistry, practice problems, practice quizzes, and an online diagnostic exam. On the...

View Resource Genomics in Education

Created by Professor Sarah C.R. Elgin at Washington University, the Genome Sequencing Video Tour is "aimed at increasing the scientific literacy of biology students in the technology of genomic sequence." Here, visitors can watch the entire tour, which include segments featuring an exploration of current genomic research in a pathogenic bacteria and an animated explanation of the chemistry of...

View Resource Mother Nature's nuclear reactor described by WUSTL researchers

This website contains an article about a natural nuclear reactor, which was located in Gabon, West Africa. The article contains quotations from researchers plus information about the discovery and how a natural reactor is possible.

View Resource University of St. Louis: Lunar Meteorites

From the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis comes this very informational site about meteors. The opening page of the site would serve a novice meteorite researcher in her or his discovery about these rocks from outside of the earth -- including information on how meteorites are named, where they come from, why they are important, etc. The site...

View Resource Network Security: Concepts

Prepared and presented by Professor Raj Jain at Washington University in St. Louis, this series of presentations is designed to introduce computer science students to the fundamentals of network security. Visitors have the option of choosing to download or view the presentations with audio, as individual slides only, or as a single PDF document. Topics here include: security requirements,...

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