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View Resource Introduction to Cryptography: Games and Programs

This introduction to cryptography is a collection of applets including: "Let's Make A Deal," "Let's Make a Deal II," "Monkey Words," "Entropy," "Vigenere," "Rectangular Transposition," and "Monoalphabetic Substitution." This is a wonderful collection of applets for any classroom studying statistics.

View Resource Breaking The Rectangular Transposition Encryption System

This applet, created by Kevin O'Bryant of the University of California - San Diego, illustrates the code breaking process entitled "Rectangular Transposition Encryption System." This interactive resource is fun, but still educational. It would be a perfect teaching tool for any classroom interested in statistics.

View Resource The Gambler's Ruin Problem

This applet allows you to experience the fate of a gambler by simulating the whole gambling session in a matter of seconds. The applet plots the successive rises and falls of the capital during the whole duration of the game. It also displays the maximum and minimum values attained by the capital during the session and allows you to get precise information (by clicking at a point of the...

View Resource Collecting Prizes from Cereal Boxes

This applet is a probabilistic study of picking prizes from an unlimited supply of cereal boxes. The applet helps to answer how many boxes of cereal need to be purchased to have a 50/50 chance of getting all the prizes. This is a fun, yet education, activity for any classroom interested in statistics or probability.

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