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View Resource Diving for Life Under Antarctic Ice

Excerpts from a talk given by Dale Andersen at a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) symposium on risk management in Monterey, California, describing some of his work in the polar regions. Andersen focuses on recent work in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, where microbial ecosystems at the bottom of ice capped lakes can give us a glimpse of early Earth, and perhaps of early Mars.

View Resource Exotic-looking Microbes Turn Up In Ancient Antarctic Ice

This article describes newly discovered microbial organisms in the Antarctic ice sheet. The microbes were discovered in deep ice core samples from the Vostok Station about 1,000 km from the South Pole. Along with high-resolution images, the article offers stories and explanations surrounding the strange shapes of the microbes.

View Resource Phytoplankton Bloom in the Gulf of Mexico

This NASA site features color satellite photographs of the Gulf of Mexico dead zone. The site shows pictures of the Gulf of Mexico region in natural colors as well as on a scale of different chlorophyll concentrations. The site also has a short explanation of the Gulf of Mexico eutrophication.

View Resource Desert Dust Kills Florida Fish

This news article details a red tide event that was spread across the Atlantic by a combination of storms in the Sahara Desert region and easterly trade winds that spread fertilized or nutrient overloaded soils to the Gulf of Mexico and Florida coastal regions. The article includes options to listen to the story via streaming audio and downloading capability. It also features colorful pictures...

View Resource Audio Interview with Dr. Carol Stoker about MARTE and the Rio Tinto

This site features links to broadcast quality audio files and transcripts from an interview with Dr. Carol Stoker about the Mars Analog Research and Technology Experiment (MARTE) which is to take place near the Rio Tinto in Spain. Interview topics include the MARTE expedition, the definition of an extremophile, the significance of the color and pH of Rio Tinto, equipment for the MARTE experiment...

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