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View Resource Photo Fixes

Here learners use WebImage, a Web-based customized version of ImageJ, (a) to investigate the nature of fading in old photographs and (b) to correct it digitally. Several digital images of faded photographs are provided, and, with a simple technique, students can enhance the brightness and contrast of the images. This lesson introduces students to simple image arithmetic with opportunities to...

View Resource Ramps and Ratios

In this activity students view and analyze images of ramps and steps to see if they conform to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Students measure horizontal and vertical distances and compute the percent slope for each image. Image measurements are performed using WebImage, a Web-based, customized version of ImageJ.

View Resource Muscle Loss in Space

In this activity students measure the change in the area of calf muscle from transverse MRI images collected from an astronaut before and after a prolonged journey in space. They measure and compare the total area of calf muscle from before and after flight to determine if muscle loss has occurred. The lesson introduces some reasons for the muscle loss, measures to reduce the loss, and other...

View Resource Animals in Motion

In this lesson, learners use a Flash animation running in a browser to study how animals and humans move. Students examine images captured by Eadweard Muybridge in the late nineteenth century; by starting, slowing, and stopping the animation, learners gain valuable insights into biomechanics of bipeds and quadrupeds.

View Resource Cyber Sleuth

In this lesson, learners use a Web-based customized version of ImageJ to investigate the properties of digital images as they relate to forensic science. Several images are taken from criminal evidence (ATM documents, license plates, etc.), but require image enhancement to reveal full detail. A set of micrographs of hair samples is also provided, and, after classifying and measuring the samples,...

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