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View Resource The Integrated Circuit Game

Integrated circuits can be found in almost every modern electrical device; such as computers, cars, television sets, CD players, cell phones, and so on. But what is an integrated circuit and what is the history behind it? Learn about Nobel Laureate Jack Kilby and his part in the invention that is the basis of all modern technology. In the beginning of this game you have to take the quiz...

View Resource The Transistor Game

In this game, your job working at a Transistor Recycling Centre is to ensure that only items containing transistors are sent to the recycling machine. Goods enter the recycling machine via a conveyer belt, and you must remove all the items that do not contain transistors. You are awarded one point for each item that you correctly remove from the belt. If you mistakenly remove an item with a...

View Resource Microscope Simulation

Here you can read and find out about different kinds of microscopes - what you can see in them and how to prepare specimens for a particular microscope. You can also try the four different microscope simulators and watch and compare images taken with phase contrast microscopes, fluorescence microscopes, transmission electron microscopes and scanning tunneling microscopes. Test your knowledge of...

View Resource Richard L.M. Synge Nobel Prize Lecture: Applications of Partition Chromatography

This lecture describes the applications of partition chromatography. The pedagogical value lies in its historical perspective and in its description of the early applications of partition chromatography. This site provided a unique historical perspective on the applications of partition chromatography and one of the pioneers of the technique. This document also contains many relevant figures and...

View Resource How the Sun Shines

This is a Nobel Prize winning article by professor John N. Bahcall on how the sun shines. The articles discusses the age of the sun, the discovery of what the sun is made of, how the sun shines and much more.

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