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View Resource Catching a Tornado

This video, the first of its kind, was captured by a special probe fitted with seven cameras to provide vertical and 360-degree views of an approaching tornado. Students can see and hear an F4 tornado as it approaches, then view the swirling rain and debris as the storm actually passes over the probe. One camera failed during the event, yielding a 300-degree view of the storm. An interview with...

View Resource Forces of Nature: Hurricanes

This extensive, interactive website describes what a hurricane is, how one forms, its characteristics, the effects, hurricane prediction, and more. Discover the power and destruction of past major hurricanes such as Floyd, Andrew, and Camille, and view before and after photographs. In the Lab section, create your own hurricane in different parts of the world and explore the effects of different...

View Resource National Geographic: Environment

The Environment section of the National Geographic website has so many photos, quizzes, blogs, games and news to learn from and enjoy, that visitors will probably have to make a number of return visits. For those with only a little time, visitors absolutely must check out the link "News Blog: Greatest Nature Photos" under the "Environment News" heading near the top of the page. There visitors...

View Resource National Geographic Xpeditions Wave Heights

Students investigate parts of ocean waves and their measurements. An on-line wave simulator allows then to study the effects of wave height, length and period on a boat's movements. Using records of tsunami waves, students compare these heights to familiar landmarks and test a hypothesis about possible relationships between wave height and ocean size and depth.

View Resource National Geographic Video: Animals, Travel, Kids

The "Video" section of the wonderful National Geographic website has so much to offer visitors. Many of the videos are just several minutes long, such as the two minute and twelve second video taken of an Australian sea lion attacking and eating an octopus, with a "Crittercam" that is attached to the sea lion. The videos are divided into six categories, including "Adventure", "Animals",...

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