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View Resource Introduction to Data Analysis: the Rules of Evidence

This online book about data analysis is in PDF format, with the table of contents viewable on the Web, by two professors in biology and mathematical social sciences. The text covers such items as: Description - the picture that's worth the words; Variation: numbers for the variation, numbers for the average; Well-Behaved Variables: the unit of measure; and The Unit of Analysis: facts about what?

View Resource Law of Large Numbers

Created by Charles M. Grinstead and J. Laurie Snell of Dartmouth College, this website is part of an online statistics textbook. Topics include: (1) Law of Large Numbers for Discrete Random Variables, (2) Chebyshev Inequality, (3) Law of Averages, (4) Law of Large Numbers for Continuous Random Variables, (5) Monte Carlo Method. There are several examples and exercises that accompany the...

View Resource Chance Data Sets

Created by J. Laurie Snell of Dartmouth College, this site contains data sets to help teach a chance course and help students understand issues that may not be found in a standard statistics text. More specifically the data sets include: historical stock prices, quarterback rating data, Oklahoma City media forcasts, Abright baseball streak study data, CEO golf and stock data, distribution of...

View Resource An Op-amp Amplifier with a Current Input

Animation of an op-amp amplifier with a current input. This is a "transimpedance amplifier"-- an amplifier with a current input and a voltage output, constructed using an op-amp. Since the input current to the op-amp is zero, the current in the feedback resistor has to be equal to the input current. The op-amp provides the output voltage necessary to equalize these currents with the inverting...

View Resource Chance

Materials designed to help teach a "Chance" course or a more standard introductory probability or statistics course. A Chance course is a case study quantitative literacy course designed to make students more informed and critical readers of current news items that use probability and statistics, as reported in daily newspapers. This site contains: Chance News, a monthly newsletter with abstracts...

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