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View Resource Talking Numbers: How Statistics Tell us Society's Story

Instructors at the Pensacola Junior College use this course to explain how social scientists use statistics to understand and explain theoretical concepts. Sociologists provide a cultural context for data and then illustrate how statistical equations use seemingly irrelevant mathematical concepts to measure and compare the behavior and trends of groups of people according to major categories:...

View Resource Understanding Teenage Smokers

This course was designed by Cinnamon Hillyard and Pete Nye at the University of Washington ? Bothell. The course uses mathematical concepts to explain why teenagers smoke. Here, Mathematical concepts are put into an easily comprehended set of concepts addressing the mathematics of teenage smoking and human behavior. Instructors will find the lecture-based presentation file, which explains many m...

View Resource Modeling Energy Dynamics in Everyday Life

This course, created by Kathleen Perillo and Bill Monroe of Clark College, combines environmental science and math in a project-based, group-oriented class. Interpretation and analysis of graphs and models are implemented while exploring topics such as energy consumption and conservation. This website provides examples of mathematically based labs dealing with environmental issues, as well as...

View Resource Mathematics and Student Life Skills

This course, designed for Miami Dade Community College, integrates arithmetic and beginning algebra for the undergraduate student. By applying math to real-life situations most students experience during college, the instructors attempt to make math both fun and applicable. The instructors specifically wish to dissipate the anxiety many college students feel when approaching math at an advanced...

View Resource Sociology & Biology of Human Disease

The American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) has compiled a collection of mathematics resources related to various subjects and disciplines. ?Math Across the Community College Curriculum? is the title of the collection, which includes great math resources and applications for educators and students alike. Susanne Bohmer and Jenny McFarland of Edmonds Community College cre...

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