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Key Concept Classifications
Agribusiness (9)
Anaerobic (1)
Animal science (37)
Aquaculture (65)
Asexual propagation (1)
Biodiesel (6)
Biotechnology (16)
Breeding (2)
Cloning (1)
Conservation (19)
Crops (13)
Dairy (3)
Diseases (17)
Ethanol (1)
Extensions (2)
Farming (16)
Farms and farm management (28)
Feeds (1)
Fermentation (1)
Fertilizers (3)
Fish (50)
Fisheries (65)
Flowers (8)
Food (31)
Food system (1)
Forestry (33)
Fruits (4)
Gardening (20)
Genetic modification (6)
Genetically modified organism (GMO) (3)
Geographic information systems (GIS) (8)
Grains (1)
Greenhouses (1)
Harvesting (2)
Horticulture (9)
Insects and pests (29)
Invasive species (9)
Irrigation (12)
Landscaping (3)
Legumes (1)
Livestock (3)
Manure (2)
Marketing (2)
Nutrients (1)
Nutrition (10)
Organic agriculture (7)
Pesticides (7)
Plants (44)
Poultry (1)
Precision agriculture (6)
Propagation (3)
Rangelands and grazing (1)
Seeds (2)
Sexual propagation (1)
Soils (27)
Sustainability (35)
Trees and shrubs (14)
Vegetables (3)
Veterinary medicine (4)
Viticulture (23)
Water or hydrologic cycle (5)
Water use (17)
Wildlife (32)
Zoology (79)



The University of Nebraska - Lincoln Extension examines surge irrigation test results. Tabulated and discussed in this article, the site provides solid statistical evidence to enhance the publication. The site...
In soil mechanics, it is virtually always useful to quantify the size of the grains in a type of soil. Since a given soil will often be made up of grains of many different sizes, sizes are measured in terms of grain size...
The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, an organization whose "mission is to create environmentally and economically sustainable communities and regions through sound agriculture and trade policy." Its web site...
The electronic version of the Integrated Crop Management Newsletter is published by the Department of Entomology at Iowa State University. From the spring season to the fall season, the Newsletter emerges weekly; and...
This web site, published by the University of Nebraska - Lincoln Extension, discusses how proper furrow irrigation practices can minimize water application, irrigation costs and chemical leaching and result in higher...
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