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Key Concept Classifications
Acids (5)
Atomic particles (11)
Atomic properties (37)
Bases (4)
Biochemistry (37)
Bioinorganic chemistry (1)
Boiling point (3)
Bonding (2)
Catalysts (3)
Chemical equations (2)
Chemical properties (40)
Chemical reactions (30)
Compounds (5)
Covalent bonding (1)
Crystals and crystallography (26)
Electrochemistry (11)
Electrons (17)
Elements (22)
Equilibrium (1)
Gas laws (3)
Gases (16)
Heat (1)
Hydrogen bonding (2)
Ionization (3)
Ions (4)
Isotopes (10)
Liquids (5)
Matter (6)
Melting point (1)
Metalloids (1)
Metals (8)
Molecular structures (33)
Molecules (50)
Neutrons (1)
Nonmetals (1)
Organic chemistry (18)
Oxidation (9)
Periodic table of elements (18)
pH scale (3)
Physical properties (8)
Polarity (1)
Polymers (12)
Pressure (2)
Protons (6)
Qualitative analysis (42)
Quantitative analysis (36)
Redox reactions (3)
Reduction (2)
Scientific method (4)
Scientific notation (1)
Solids (1)
Solubility (1)
Solutions (4)
States of matter (1)
Stoichiometry (2)
Thermodynamics (6)
Titrations (4)
Vapor pressure (2)
Water (33)



The Chemistry Educational Digital Library (ChemEd DL) was created to serve as a "destination for digital content intended for chemical science education." The partners responsible for this digital portal include the...
The JCE Chemical Education Exchange serves as the website of the Journal of Chemical Education. It is committed to providing helpful resources for educators working at two-year colleges. In the Navigation area, visitors...
This free chemistry textbook from Boundless Learning is based off openly available educational resources such as "government resources, open educational repositories, and other openly licensed websites." The textbook...
This reference sheet, presented by the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network provides a valuable chemistry reference sheet for high school students. Definition of terms, diagrams, abbreviations, mathematical...
If you're away from the laboratory and you'd like to study a bit of chemistry, this fine site is a nice option. Created to complement a recent chemistry textbook authored by Nivaldo Tro of Westmont College, the site...
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