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Key Concept Classifications
Air pressure (5)
Albedo (1)
Altitude (2)
Atmosphere (54)
Auroras (7)
Climate change (63)
Clouds (16)
Condensation (3)
Conduction (2)
Convection (5)
Coriolis force / effect (2)
Currents (5)
Cyclones (2)
Deposition (1)
Dew point (2)
Droughts (5)
Fog (4)
Hail (1)
Heat (2)
Humidity (4)
Hurricanes (25)
Lightning (6)
Mesosphere (1)
Moisture (1)
Pollution (6)
Precipitation (10)
Radiation (7)
Rain (20)
Rainbows (3)
Remote sensing (4)
Seasons (8)
Snow (11)
Solar energy (73)
Stratosphere (1)
Temperature (24)
Thunder (2)
Tornadoes (11)
Troposphere (1)
Water cycle (9)
Water vapor (4)
Wind (39)



Michael Branick at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) developed this online weather dictionary for local severe storm spotters and groups. "Its purposes are 1) to achieve some level of...
Due to the presence of dissolved gases such as carbon dioxide, rainfall is naturally acidic. The release of other gases and chemicals such as sulfur dioxide during the combustion of coal and oil can cause rainfall to...
A large collection of solar images and information. Includes an illustration and explanation of the refraction of light to form rainbows and other atmospheric illusions.
This collection, created and maintained by Harald Edens, contains photographs of many different atmospheric optical phenomena. Those phenomena include ice crystal halos, light scattering, and atmospheric refraction,...
The Arizona Metrological Network (AZMET) provides air and soil temperature, humidity, solar radiation, speed and wind direction, and precipitation data from 1987 to the present. The website provides the latitude,...
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