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Topic in Depth - Tree Troubles (9)

This Topic in Depth explores some of the diseases and other threats, such as gypsy moths, emerald ash borers, and Asian longhorned beetles that certain trees must contend with to remain healthy and vital.

California Oak Mortality Task Force
The California Oak Mortality Task Force is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing information on "the plant pathogen Phytophthora ramorum" and its devastating effects. Their website is full of information on the pathology of phytophtora ramorum, symptoms and signs of infection, diagnosis, and treatment and...

USDA Forest Service-St. Paul Field Office: How to Publications
This site from the USDA Forest Service contains links to a variety of How to Publications and Fact Sheets on forestry related topics. Many of the publications deal with identifying, diagnosing and treating diseases of trees, such as Dutch Elm Disease, Sapstreak Disease, and noninfectious diseases among others. Other...

Forest & Shade Tree Pathology
Forest & Shade Tree Pathology is a site created by Jim Worrall, a former professor at the College of Environmental Science and Forestry. The major focus of this resource is the study of tree diseases, "their causes (etiology), factors that affect their spread (epidemiology), ecological and economic impacts, and...

Oak Wilt: A Threat to Red Oaks & White Oaks Species
Oak Wilt: A Threat to Red Oaks & White Oaks Species was created by Dr. David L. Roberts at Michigan State University Extension. Dr. Robert?s concise site contains brief sections addressing oak wilt distribution, field diagnosis, management, disease cycle, and more. This guide contains extensive links to images and o...

USDA Forest Service: Emerald Ash BorerPDF
The Emerald Ash Borer(EAB) has become a pesky problem in North America in recent years, after being introduced into the ecosystem in the early 1990s. This information site from the USDA Forest Service is dedicated to providing the northeastern part of North America (where the bug has become a big problem) with...

USDA Forest Service: Gypsy Moth DigestPDF
The USDA Forest Service compiled information from its gypsy moth suppression, eradication, and slow-the-spread projects to provide you with a comprehensive informational website on gypsy moths. Information on the gypsy moth is organized here by state, and year. You can also browse topics using the menu on the right...

USDA Forest Service: Asian Longhorned BeetlePDF
Asian longhorned beetles are an exotic species of insect that have been wreaking havoc on North American trees, particularly maples, alders, birches, elms, horsechestnut, poplars, and willows. This site from the USDA Forest Service had some general information about the beetle (including images), and resources on...

Vegetable MD Online
The Department of Plant Pathology at Cornell University provides this online guide to vegetable diseases. A compilation of vegetable disease fact sheets, the site is organized by crop and offers photographic images and a description of each vegetable crop in healthy and diseased states. The site also includes an...

USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (SR)
The Nutrient Data Laboratory of the US Agricultural Research Service has announced Release 12 of the Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (discussed in the October 15, 1997 Scout Report for Science and Engineering). The data can be searched and viewed from the home page or downloaded in several different formats....

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