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Topic in Depth - Quantum Dots (9)

This topic-in-depth addresses the characteristics and numerous applications of the semiconductor nanocrystals, quantum dots. Find out how quantum dot are being used in computer science, chemistry, and medicine.

Quantum DotsPDF
This presentation, created by Gunjan Mishra at the University of Nevada - Reno, is a downloadable slideshow illustrating the history, formation, and application of quantum dots. While created as part of a lecture series, this website provides students with a concise outline of the unique characteristics of the...

Quantum Dots used to 'Draw' Circuits for Molecular Computers of the Future
UCLA describes the combined research of chemists and engineers to use quantum dots as an inexpensive means of creating nanoscale circuitry for molecular computers of the future. Users can learn how the particles' photocatalytic properties make them a great candidate for improving the current method of creating...

Chemistry at Stony Brook: Stanislaus S. Wong
In this resource, Stanislaus Wong at Stony Brook University presents his research in carbon nanotubes and semiconductor nanocrystals. After a short introduction about quantum dots, users can discover his group's efforts to understand these particles in order to implement them in the fields of chemistry and biology.

Nanocrystal Quantum Dots: From Fundamental Photophysics to Multicolor LasingPDF
This PDF document was created by Victor Klimov of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. It discussing the development of a new laser based on quantum dots. The site supplies a series of figures illustrating the nonradiative multiparticle auger recombinations in nanocrystal quantum dots, amplified spontaneous emissions,...

Ball-bearing for the 21st Century
In this "In Depth" article from Nanotechweb, Edwin Cartlidge makes comparisons between new quantum discoveries in the 21st century and the ball-bearing inventions in the 20th century. The article provides a brief introduction into quantum dots, and focuses on quantum dots manufactured by the company Nanoco. Readers...

Modified Quantum Dots Could Lead to Improved Treatments for Cancer
This online article from Carnegie Mellon Today, discusses how chemists are researching quantum dots to evaluate their effectiveness in treating diseases such as cancer. Readers can discover how the scientists were able to produce quantum dots that fluoresced for an unprecedented eight months, and how they might be...

Photoluminescence of Silicon-Germanium Quantum DotsPDF
This presentation, given at the Arizona Nanotechnology Cluster Symposium, introduces the topic of the photoluminescence of silicon-germainium quantum dots. Dr. James Kolodzey, of University of Delaware, presents the topic in powerpoint format. The presentation is loaded with helpful diagrams and images that capture...

This Quantum World
This web site provides an introduction to the quantum world and the difficulties that arise in understanding quantum measurements. It focuses on results of measurements, ontology, the modern controversies, and what quantum mechanics is trying to tell us about the nature of Nature.

Visualizing Quantum Dynamics: Bloch Spheres and Q-Functions
This web site presents three models for and simulations of quantum spin systems. The models are the Bloch Equations, the Jaynes-Cummings Model, and the Spin-Boson Hamiltonian. For each model there is a highly interactive Java applet and background information. The Jaynes-Cummings and Spin-Boson models include...

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