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Students can find the world of college physics difficult at times, and it's always good to have a wide range of instructional materials on hand in case they need them. The University of Tennessee's Physics Department has...
This lecture covers information about the energy source that powers the Sun. Since the gravitational and the electromagnetic forces are insufficient to provide the energy of the Sun, the strong and weak nuclear forces...
This site contains a booklet about the life cycle of stars. The information covers the birth and ultimate fate of both sun-sized and massive stars. The stellar endpoint of sun-sized stars includes both white and black...
This resource covers the size and scale of Solar System objects, such as the masses, densities, and relative radii of the sun and planets; revolution and rotation of the planets; conservation of angular momentum;...
Developed by NASA, the Student Observation Network (SON) provides visitors "with the necessary tools to observe the dynamic connections between the Sun and the Earth." The four programs: Sunspotters, Radio Waves,...
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