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Abdomen (1)
Adrenal gland (6)
Bile ducts. Biliary tract (1)
Bladder (4)
Bones (7)
Brain (36)
Breast. Mammary glands (8)
Bronchi (1)
Chest (3)
Connective tissues (2)
Ear (1)
Endocrine glands (1)
Eye (1)
Face (1)
Foot (1)
Gall bladder (1)
Head (3)
Hematopoietic system. Blood-forming organs (3)
Intestines (3)
Jaws (5)
Kidneys (8)
Liver (4)
Lungs (8)
Lymphatics. Lymphomas (20)
Melanoma (4)
Mouth (3)
Muscles (3)
Musculoskeletal system (2)
Neck (6)
Nervous system (6)
Nonchromaffin paraganglia (1)
Nose (2)
Ovaries (2)
Pancreas (3)
Parathyroid glands (1)
Pelvis (1)
Pineal body (3)
Pituitary gland (3)
Prostate gland (3)
Rectum (2)
Sacrococcygeal region (1)
Salivary glands (4)
Skin (3)
Soft tissue (11)
Spinal cord (3)
Spine (3)
Stomach and duodenum (2)
Testicle (4)
Throat. Epiglottis. Larynx. Trachea. Vocal cords (7)
Thymus gland (2)
Thyroid gland (4)
Uterus. Cervix uteri. Endometrium (5)



This Flash based applet simulates data from a case study of treatments for tumor growth in mice. This simulation allows the user to place mice into a control and treatment groups. The simulation then compares the...

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