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Topic in Depth - Voice over Internet Protocol (6)

Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) is a technology that integrates voice services, such as those provided by long distance telephone carriers, into data networks. This Topic in Depth presents information about the development and future of VoIP.

VoIP has received considerable attention in recent years since it blurs the line between telecommunications and Internet. Among other things, it has the potential for enabling virtually free person-to-person communication for anyone with an Internet connection.

Internet2: Voice Disaster Recovery
VoIP systems can be used as backups to conventional public switched telephone networks (PSTN), as is proposed by a working group of the Internet2 consortium. The group's Voice Disaster Recovery Project is investigating a method of transferring voice communications from phone lines to data networks in the event of a...

Mobile Voice over IP (MVOIP): An Application-level Protocol for Call Hand-off in Real Time ApplicationsPDF
The problem of having a mobile endpoint for a VoIP terminal, such as in a wireless local area network, is discussed in this paper from Dartmouth College. The implementation issues associated with a Mobile Voice over IP system are highlighted, including how to maintain a connection when the network address of one of...

Voice Over IP Reference Page
This site is a collection of architectural specifications, network and signaling protocols, and technical papers related to virtually every aspect of VoIP. Detailed articles and standards information are regularly updated on the site. There is also a collection of documents containing VoIP references, and in this...

Voice over IP Calculator
The Voice over IP Calculator Web site actually consists of four free online tools that can be used to estimate bandwidth requirements and voice paths for a planned VoIP system. The four tools are: Lines and IP Bandwidth Calculator, Erlangs and Bandwidth Calculator, Minutes and Lines Calculator, and Erlangs and Lines...

Voice-Over-Internet Protocol
This website, authored by the Federal Communications Commission, presents guidelines and frequently asked questions regarding voice-over-internet phone calls. This method involves transmitting your voice as a converted digital signal over the internet. The page provides diagrams illustrating methods used in this...

Adapting Legacy Phone Systems to VoIPPPT
Created and presented by Vincente D'Ingianni, Director of Professional Services at Binary Systems, Inc., this PowerPoint demonstration covers how to adapt a Legacy phone system to Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP). In the demonstration, D'Ingianni covers VoIP gateways, Bandwidth, Softswitches, and carriers.

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