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Topic in Depth - Transit of Venus (5)

The Transit of Venus is similar to a solar eclipse, where -- from the perspective on Earth -- Venus passes in front of the Sun. This event does not happen very often. In fact, no one alive had witnessed this phenomenon until June of 2004, and these sites detail that experience.

The Rarest Eclipse: Transit of Venus
The transit of Venus across the disk of the sun is a rare astronomical event that has transfixed astronomers for centuries. June 8, 2004 marked the last occurrence of this event. Due to its extreme rarity (occurring only twice a century) this past transit has been heavily documented and researched by scientists...

Transit of Venus, June 8th, 2004
Germany's Universitat Essen developed a project to track, observe and measure the transit of Venus that took place in 2004. The project's many goals included finding their "own measure for the distance of the Earth to the Sun, and to determine the exact position of an object on the Sun's disc." They undertook six...

Project Venus 2004
"Venus 2004" is a project of the Astroinfo Society, which was organized to study and publish findings on the transit of Venus that occurred in 2004. Historically, the planet's transit across the sun has been used to make many calculations about the sun and the earth. The technology available today, as opposed to the...

The 1882 Transit of Venus: Observations from Wellington, South Africa
The transit of Venus is a rare astronomical event that has been well documented throughout history. The most recent transit occurred in June of 2004, and the one before that took place more than 100 years earlier in 1882. This site from the South African Astronomical Observatory provides information and first-hand...

The Universe in the Classroom
From dark matter to the transit of Venus, "The University in the Classroom" has all the astronomical bases covered for educators. This electronic educational newsletter is published by The Astronomical Society of the Pacific and has been published since 1984. Each issue is designed to help teachers learn more about...

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