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Topic in Depth - The Big Bang Theory and the Expansion of the Universe (9)

These resources help illustrate the theories, principles, and concepts of cosmology, the study of the formation and evolution of the universe. The theory, generally accepted among researchers and scientists, has at its heart the Big Bang theory.

Evolution of the Universe
This site is part of an online textbook, Fundamentals of Physical Geography by Michael Pidwirny, and provides an online chapter about the past, present, and future of the universe. Images illustrate the concepts discussed, and it covers topic such as the validity of the Big Bang theory and postulations about how the...

Cosmology: The Study of the Universe
NASA furnishes a fabulous cosmology tutorial about the big bang theory and the evolution of the universe. Visitors can discover the foundation of the big bang theory (general relativity, the Cosmological Principle), the observational tests, and the limitations and extensions of the theory. There is also an extensive...

Expansion of the Universe
This website, developed by Maxine Phaisalakani at the University of Toronto Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, introduces in a slide show presentation research that led to the discovery of the expansion of the universe. The site addresses many astronomical concepts including the big bang theory, dark matter,...

Online Journey Through Astronomy: Expansion of the Universe
The Online Journey Through Astronomy offers educational materials about studies leading to the discoveries of distant galaxies and the expansion of the universe. Topics covered here include: Olber's Paradox, comoving coordinates, and a two-dimensional analogy to illustrate that galaxies are moving away from us.

From the Big Bang to the End of the Universe: The Mysteries of Deep Space Timeline
PBS presents a timeline of the universe from the Big Bang to the future. This interactive website offers concise introductions to many of the key developments of the universe including the formation of elements, the earliest life forms, the evolution of life, and the dark era. The Mysteries of Deep Space series also...

Take a Trip Through the Big Bang
The physicist Patricia Schwarz presents numerous animations, illustrations, and text dealing with the Big Bang Theory. Users can learn about the observations and knowledge that provide the framework for the theory. Visitors begin by learning about the Planck Era and the Inflation Era, then move on to how radiation...

Did the Universe Have a Beginning?
Meta Research discusses hypotheses and assumptions about the big bang theory and the expansion of the universe. Questions discussed include: "What Does Expansion Mean?", "Does the Universe Really Expand?", and "What Else Can Cause Redshift?" Visitors can find out why some scientists have qualms with the theorized...

Cambridge Relativity
The University of Cambridge's Relativity site provides users with a glimpse at the major issues within theoretical physics and cosmology. Sections cover such diverse issues as black holes, the big bang, cosmic strings, and quantum gravity. Written in a style accessible to the non-scientist and with useful...

Wright Center for Science Education: Cosmic Evolution
The Wright Center for Science Education developed this website to educate users about cosmic evolution - the study of the changes in assembly and composition of energy, matter, and life. The website provides detailed accounts and figures of many concepts contributing to seven epochs: particulate, galactic, stellar,...

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