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Topic in Depth - Precision Machining (7)

As technology advances and devices become smaller and more complex, the need for precision manufacturing processes is becoming increasingly important. A number of innovative techniques for precision machining have been developed to enable the construction and operation of such contrivances.

Machining: An Introduction
Basic machining processes are introduced on this site that is devoted to engineering fundamentals. Descriptions and illustrations of drilling, turning, grinding, and other common processes are provided for people with little to no prior machining knowledge. A waterjet is a non-traditional machining technology that...

An in-depth discussion of waterjet operation and applications is available here from the Research Center for Advanced Manufacturing (RCAM) at Southern Methodist University. Waterjets are often cited as being much more precise than traditional machining techniques. Be sure not to miss the Next Page button at the...

Waterjet Videos
The Waterjet Video Vault contains clips of waterjet machines in action. The video of the foam cutting procedure is especially interesting, as it shows how quick and accurate the machining process can be. Other videos include a waterjet nozzle fired into the air; drawing up a part in CAD, making a tool path, then...

Cross Process Innovations
An online guide to cross process machining, which incorporates elements from various conventional and unconventional techniques, is provided here by the Mechanical Engineering Department at Columbia University. Some remarkable and innovative techniques that have surfaced over the past few years are outlined, including...

Caltech Micromachining Laboratory
Entirely different and exotic machining techniques are required for creating microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and other extremely small devices. The Caltech Micromachining Laboratory maintains this archive of research highlights and papers on its homepage, including a paper on a MEMS-driven flapping wing for a...

Enhanced Waterjets Slice CostsPDF
Cutting edge waterjet innovations are the subject of this February 2003 feature from Forming & Fabricating, a publication of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Extremely high pressure nozzles are being developed to improve cutting speed and lowering costs, and enhanced software for controlling machine movements...

Electrochemical Machining Carves out Nanostructures
This news article from June 20, 2003 published by Great Britain's Institute of Physics, describes an electrochemical machining process that is being used to fabricate complex nanostructures. The work, produced by German and U.S. researchers, has the potential to compete with current lithographic processes.

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