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Topic in Depth - Pollination (6)

Tis' the season of new life, and pollinators are in the air. The following websites offer information and resources for learning about the finer points of biotic and abiotic pollination.

The Pollination Home Page
The Pollination Home Page, was created by beekeeper David L. Green. The site contains a variety of great resources including a Photographic Plant / Pollinator Database with nice close-up photos and notes, video clips, and an extensive Index to Pollination Management Resources. There are numerous resources and links...

AgNIC: Bees and Pollination
Created by The Ohio State University Agriculture Network Information Center (AgNIC), the Bees and Pollination site is designed for scientists and members of the general public who have an interest in such matters. The materials on the site are divided into eleven different sections, including "People and Places",...

USDA: Insect Pollination of Cultivated Crop PlantsPDF
This site is home to an extensive online USDA text authored by S.E. McGregor, titled Insect Pollination Of Cultivated Crop Plants. Although originally written in 1976, the text is continually updated with new content. Chapters are organized by plant type (legumes, tree fruits, nuts, clovers, etc.), and provide a table...

University of Maryland: Lecture 21-Pollination
This site contains notes from a lecture on pollination that is part of a Plant Biology course at the University of Maryland. The lecture covers topics like sexual reproduction & evolution, pollination & fertilization, types of pollinators, and some reasons behind animal pollination behavior. The lecture also contains...

University of Northern British Columbia: Abiotic Pollination References
From the University of Northern British Columbia, this site contains a list of references on abiotic pollination compiled by Dr. Joe Ackerman. References are arranged by topic, and contain information on both anemophily (wind pollination) and hydrophily (water pollination). This is a great site for anyone who is...

The Birds and the Bees: Pollination and DispersalPDF
This pdf document, from the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, provides a brief overview of pollination and dispersal. The resource contains a nice comparative list of several "pollinator types and their respective pollination syndromes." Included in the document, is a chart of common pollinators and flower types that...

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