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Topic in Depth - Non-linear Spectroscopy (6)

Non-linear, or Raman, Spectroscopy is a spectroscopic technique used in condensed matter physics and chemistry to study vibrational, rotational, and other low-frequency modes in a system. Here, you will find information about research and applications of this technique.

The Wright Group
The Wright research group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison presents its research using "narrow frequency distribution of tunable laser sources to gain spectral selectivity in an analytical measurement." Along with a summary of its research and techniques, this website offers a great introduction to the...

Pump-Probe Spectroscopy of Rubidium Vapour
David Smith and Ifan Hughes of Durham University Department of Physics share on this site their research into non-linear spectroscopy and rubidium vapor. Using handy illustrations, Smith and Hughes document the theory, experimentation, and conclusions of this research.

Non-linear Spectroscopy Using an Optical Cavity as an Absorption Cell
The Sasada lab at Keio University in Japan summarizes its research interests in optical communications. Visitors can find diagrams illustrating absolute frequency difference measurements, the techniques used in the work, and a lisst of publications for further exploration of the topic. The page is also available in...

Regional Laser and Biomedical Technology Laboratories (RLBL) of the University of Pennsylvania
This website describes the Regional Laser and Biomedical Technology Laboratories (RLBL) of the University of Pennsylvania's applications of laser spectroscopy in the biochemical, biophysical, and biomedical fields. Researchers can find out about using the laboratory's facilities, its technological developments,...

Biophysical Dynamics Laboratories Nano-Biophotonics Group
The Biophysical Dynamics Laboratories Nano-Biophotonics Group, of the Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences at Osaka University, addresses its applications of nanotechnology and non-linear spectroscopy to the biology field. Visitors can find synopses of its four main research projects and a list of publications.

LENS: European Laboratory for Non Linear Spectroscopy
The European Laboratory for Non Linear Spectroscopy (LENS) offers an introduction to its goal "to provide advanced laser and spectroscopic facilities for researchers from European countries and to promote and facilitate the exchange of ideas, scientific techniques, and technical skills." Individuals can find...

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