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Topic in Depth - Forensic Engineering (5)

The field of forensic engineering involves the study of products, materials, and structures that fail to function properly. Forensic engineers investigate the problem to locate the source of the failure in order to improve the product or structure.

Principles of forensic engineering are applied broadly across many different disciplines. Evidence from forensic engineering investigations is often used in both civil and criminal courts. The resources in this folder provide an overview of many different aspects of the forensic engineering discipline.

National Academy of Forensic Engineers
The National Academy of Forensic Engineers provides a short definition of forensic engineering here. After reading through the definition, click the "Menu" link at the bottom of the page to access the site's main menu. From here, you can find more information on the National Academy of Forensic Engineers, and...

Materials Evaluation and Engineering, Inc.: Forensic Engineering Investigations
This website from Materials Evaluation and Engineering, Inc., which specializes in the analysis of product failures, points out that materials engineering is useful in product failure analysis because many products fail due to materials problems. The site provides a brief description of failure analysis, materials...

Kenneth L. Carper's Commentary on "Owning up to a Failure"
Given the role forensic engineers play in legal disputes, research in forensic engineering is also a topic on this engineering ethics website. In this particular article, Kenneth Carper offers a response to "Owning up to a Failure," a hypothetical legal case in which a machinery company sold a piece of faulty...

Forensic-Evidence.com offers The Forensic Center Newsletter, which aims "to stimulate interdisciplinary efforts and research that unite, explore, and advance knowledge in the broad areas of law, medicine, and forensic sciences." The site is organized into sections by topic, which include "Evidence Law News,"...

Building Science Corporation
Internationally recognized firm and valuable website for expertise in moisture dynamics, indoor air quality, and forensic (building failure) investigations. Also on the leading edge of the design of sustainable communities and buildings, this website promotes energy efficiency and environmental responsibility within...

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